Frequently asked questions

Is SUPR free of charge?

You can use everything you need to start your own online shop for free with SUPR!

No basic fees, provisions or transaction fees are charged when using the basic version.


How do I create an account at SUPR?

You are only a few clicks away!

With just your email address you signup and start your shop immediately.

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What are the requirements to manage a SUPR Shop?

No need to download a specific software so no minimum requirements aswell!

Just have your browser up to date –  that’s all you need to manage your SUPR shop.


What are SUPR Apps?

Add new features to your Shop like Payment or International Shipping and increase your sales!

Which payments can I use with SUPR?

In the basic version prepayment is automatically included. Book our payment app and get access to credit card, Paypal and SOFORT via registering with Wirecard Checkout Portal.

How do I register with the Wirecard checkout portal?

Wirecard Checkout Portal has been adapted for the SUPR shop system. All you need to do is to start the onboarding to Checkout Portal.

Your payment methods are then automatically activated after a quick setup by Wirecard. You can start the onboarding to Wirecard Checkout Portal directly from your shop in your payment settings.

What are SUPR Shopping Widgets?

Merchants can easily create and share their products via SUPR Shopping Widgets on their blogs or social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Potential customers can buy the products directly through the link without the conversion breaker of an external online store.

Sell your products even outisde of your online shop with SUPR Shopping Widgets!


How do I get updates for my shop?

Your SUPR shop will receive updates automatically as we continually launch new features.

No need to worry about searching for up to date software: you sell your products and we deliver the software.

Can I use an own domain?

Your own domain increases the recognition value as a shop and gives you authenticity.
Of course you can easily integrate them into your SUPR Shop by using the A-Record option in your domain settings.

How can I view my shop frontend?
You can view your shop from your admin area at any time.
To do so view the navigation bar at the top of the shop the green View button.
How do I set my shop live?

Once you have finished setting up your shop, you can start selling your products.
In the admin area in the top navigation bar you will find a green button to set your shop online. 

Click on it and the status will be changed automatically.

I forgot my password

You can easilly reset your password if you forgot your current one. No worries it happens to all of us.

Open your login panel of your shop and chose the option Forgot password.

Enter your email address and follow the steps that will be mailed to your email account you entered when you registered your SUPR shop.


How do I use the CSV export?

Using the CSV import function you can import large product inventories in the form of a .csv file into the shop in the simplest possible way.

Please ensure that you use UTF-8 encoding in your document as otherwise special characters will be displayed incorrectly in your products.

In your shop admin navigate to Import>CSV Import and upload your CSV file. Match your fileds via drag&drop and save your settings. Your products will be added to your product overwiev.

How do I customize the shop's appearance?

With the expert settings Colors+Fonts and Design Options you can customize the look of your shop according to your wishes.

With the Design App you can choose from a variety of ready to use designs. Our design experts have created an incredible selection of modern and cool designs for you.


Start your E-Commerce business now! It’s super easy and doesn’t need much support. Set up your own SUPR store and create a stunning platform to sell products worldwide. Get some inspiration from our favorite and most beautiful shops. Use our Shopping Widgets to sell products directly from your blog, website or social media channels like facebook or youtube. SUPR offers you a wide range of designs and apps: Choose from payment methods, discount codes and international shipping.