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With you create amazing webstores fast and easy. You'll love the unique usability and our great designs. Free ecommerce hosting and SSL included.

  • Fully customizable store design
  • Simple and elegant to use
  • eCommerce hosting included

Finally. Beautiful stores made simple.

Gives us a call and we will help you to build your own online store.

Perfect Designs

Take advantage of our wide selection of professionally designed templates, so you don't have to start from scratch. All designs are free of charge and can be adjusted freely.

Experienced web designers can create amazing custom styles with the built-in CSS editor.

Adjustments with a few clicks

Configure each of our designs quickly and easily in the store backend. With just two clicks you can e.g. replace and re-align the background image. Our Agency theme, specifically designed for designers, can be customized even more.

You're in control of the style

With the integrated inline CSS style editor you can adjust the style of your stores anywhere at any time. Use the power of CSS3 to create modern store designs and sophisticated animations.

Everything included.
Hassle-free hosted ecommerce

Wouldn't it be great if you could hand over the entire IT to an experienced professional? That is, your partner takes care of the installation of the software, the maintenance of the servers, cares about server and data security and continuously updates the software and creates backups. With you will get this full IT service without additional cost!

Focus on the tasks that you like: create great shop designs and take care of your customers. We are your reliable partner for all technology issues.

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More than just design. It's a full ecommerce solution. Uniquely customizable. Disvover all our designs

So easy.
Add and manage store items

Add new items quickly and easily. Intuitively, like writing an email. For large itemsets we've included a CSV importer with which you can quickly add many articles to revise them individually later on. Managing the products is so simple and easy that even e-commerce newbies have great fun using

We've put a lot of brain power into all our store features so that everyone will be able to master the software. It will be hard to find an ecommerce software like that store users incorporate as quickly and intuitively.

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Everything in sight.
Smart order management

Our smart order management system always you have to always have an eye on all orders. Select an order status for each each order and use our filter function to e.g. show all paid and not yet shipped orders. Contact your customers with a single click.

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